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The Magical Hippie

Because at the end of the day, life is way more fun when there's magic involved ✨🌻✌🏼

Hi! Thanks for being here 🌟💐

I'm Sierra aka The Magical Hippie🌻 
I make magic crafts and am a Multi-Certified Spiritual ADHD Life Coach.The Magical Hippie began as a crafting business - wherein I work with herbs, flowers, crystals and intentions to make, and bring magic and healing into other people's lives.
And I offer Spiritual & ADHD Life Coaching!
As a young woman with ADHD, I want to be not only a coach, but a personal cheerleader to support people in any area of life; from someone who has experienced the same struggles/obstacles one faces with ADHD.
You also do NOT need an ADHD diagnosis to work with me! I cater my plans to YOU and what YOU want to accomplish ☯️ As well, if spirituality is not your thing no worries, this is again about YOU! Please reach out of you have further questions, I am always happy to accommodate!

Please note that as of November 2022 I am not currently offering coaching services. I am in the process of obtaining more training/certifications to also support my clients with grief. And in this time, allowing myself to grieve after such a tragic loss.


Multi-Certified Spiritual ADHD Life Coach  & Maker of Magical Crafts✌🏼🌻

Hi! I'm Sierra 🌻

I live in British Columbia, Canada with my dog. I am a Multi-Certified ADHD Spiritual Life Coach, and I make magical crafts that bring myself and others healing with a sprinkle of magic ✨


I graduated college with honors in 2017 with a Legal Admin Diploma in Edmonton, Alberta and moved to Saskatchewan in 2018. where I met my wonderful boyfriend, Alex Honey, who tragically passed away on November 5, 2022; leaving me as a 25 year old widow.

I am determined to continue to help others heal and thrive, all while telling his story. His story is one of unconditional love and joy. He was a wonderful man, who helped me to heal myself in such a profound way, even though he is physically not here, I will continue on his legacy of love and healing.


My ADHD journey has been a chaotic albeit healing and loving one that I am ecstatic to now share with my clients to support, motivate and cheer them on, every single step of their journey. With my now deeper understanding of grief, and that unique healing path, I am working towards certifications to help others grieving a spouse or loved one.


The other half of The Magical Hippie:

🌟Magic Crafts🌟

I make magical crafts to bring fun, healing and spirituality together. Working mostly with flowers, herbs and crystals to allow Earth's natural magic to heal our soul. Custom orders are always welcome - if you think it - I can make it!

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