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Some Ideas Of What We Can Work On Together

Here's How It Works:  Schedule a $25 30 Min Discovery Call so we can go over your plans, thoughts, goals, issues etc and make a 12 (+ customizable) week program; contract(s), prices and payment plans.ORIf there is a specific service you want to focus on solely; book through bookings page! Any topic, 45 Min Zoom meeting (can be customizable!) $60


Goal Setting

Accomplish The Goals You WantWe can work on achieving daily goals or work towards one big goal or achievement. Like a promotion or to read more books....anything you want! We can also work on accountability (with the option to have a 48 hour response guarantee for ultimate accountability!)



To strengthen a current relationship or to work on dating and interpersonal skills to get you ready for your future partner. We can also work on healing, coping and moving on from relationships ending. Dating with ADHD is also...such an adventure in of itself, so let's navigate that together!


Coping Mechanisms

When shit hits the fan, having a good supply of healthy go-to coping mechanisms is SO important - it could save yours, or someone else's life! We can use coping mechanisms in every aspect of life, not just in regards to mental health, or life going poorly. Discovering and utilizing these mechanisms or skills can also make even the lighter days...even lighter!!



In 2017 I had a powerful, life-changing spiritual awakening when experiencing a low low rock bottom. Once I decided however, that I was going to live a happy, prosperous live filled life by my definition, there was no stopping me! I fully embraced any belief system that resonated with my soul. I can be a guide, support or cheerleader in following your journey of spirituality - whatever that looks like to you! We can work on: The Law Of Attraction, The Law Of Assumptions, Manifesting, Crystal Healing, Herbal/Spell Recipes, Meditating And More!


Life Transitions

Impermanence. Nothing ever really stays the same. Sometimes it is welcomed with eager arms, other times it can be traumatic or abrupt. Either way, let me support you through whatever. I do not believe in the idea of a life change "big or small", we must keep our judgement on ourselves at bay, and acknowledge and get help or support when YOU feel the need!


Career Coaching

Even if you are established in your career, we can work towards promotions, being a strong leader, how to stick up for yourself, or starting your own business - I'll be there to guide you through anything!I have been a professional resume and cover letter writer since 2017 and career/interview coaching for almost 2 years. This service can include tips and tricks for interviews, support and guidance when beginning a new job/career endeavour and everything in between!I can also do up a resume and/or a cover letter for the below costs:

Resume: $45

Cover Letter: $35

Both: $70


Self Discovery

Regardless of your age, sometimes due to external circumstances we either loose ourselves - or - never had a chance to figure out and accept YOU! Self-Love can be a daunting topic with a lot of pressure. First you gotta figure out what makes your soul shine, then accepting it. Self-Love comes naturally after that!


Eating Disorders

As someone who suffered with an eating disorder for over 16 years (but now in recovery for over 2 years!!!) I GET it. And man does it suck! Throughout my recovery I have learned an abundance of tips, tricks and coping mechanisms especially within the realm of intuitive eating self acceptance and the Law of Assumption



Parenting is a large topic to cover! I would love to provide support for parents, parents with children with ADHD or parents with ADHD. Also - sometimes its nice to be able to remove yourself for a session and talk to an adult! Though I myself am not a parent; I have been a nanny for over 14 years and working in childcare majority of my life. As a young woman with ADHD I am confident I will be able to provide exponential support, and some insight as to what your child may be feeling/experiencing. And how you can best show love and support to them in a way they'll understand and appreciate. Alternately, if you're a parent with ADHD I can also provide upmost support with tips and tricks to make parenting as a neuro-divergant a bit easier!



Making and keeping friends is hard especially as an adult. Seems like we all want friends but can never find or keep one. We can work through interpersonal and social skills, how to start and maintain conversations and a variety of other assistance/support in either strengthening current friendships or starting new ones! Finding and mantaining friendships is hard enough as an adult then to pile ADHD on top...yikesl


Life Hacks

Sometimes the way other people do things just doesn't work for you. Figuring out how your brain works and tips and tricks to make life easier! These can be for school, work, friendships, relationships, ALL of it. Let's do things your way - which is the RIGHT way!


ADHD Coaching

Whether or not you've been clinically diagnosed with ADHD together we can work on symptoms, executive functioning managing emotions - whatever you're struggling with! Medications, hyperactivity, focus, dealing with Dr.' really does affect us in every moment. Let's make that not so daunting!


Mental Health 

With personal knowledge and experiences with: Anxiety, Depression, BPD, ADHD, Bipolar Type 1 & AnorexiaI want to support you in your journey, regardless of the diagnosis and more so focusing on support, and managing/coping with symptoms.Please note: I am NOT a licensed therapist nor psychiatrist. I will not diagnose anyone, and I will not prescribe medication (natural supplements included). I am a SUPPORT SYSTEM

Foggy Waters

Life Coaching Session

Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to certain situations. With my coaching sessions, you’ll learn about acceptance and how to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you.

Woman by the Water

Career Coaching Session

This service is a favorite among many of my clients, as it is often times one of the keys to a happier, healthier life. My job is to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. After several sessions, you will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise. Call now to schedule a session.

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