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7 Morning Affirmations - simply purchase, and you will receive a link to download the file.

Print, cut out and hang around your mirror as a constant reminder to take a moment to love yourself.


Affirmations are an easy way to dispel limiting beliefs and blockages that are preventing you from living your best life. Affirmations are able to change our mindset and perspective to allow ourselves to change and evolve, with the constant reminder that YOU ARE WORTH IT!!


The key to affirmations working is repetition, but that can be hard to keep track of a bunch in your head! My trick: place them around your everyday life, so you see it constantly. This causes you to alter your subconscious- without it being overwhelming or feeling like a chore!!


It truly is magic within our minds.

Morning Mirror Affirmations

  • *Please note that due to screen resolutions of different devices and printing techniques the colours of art may vary from the printed product.* Do not resell, take credit or share artwork* No digital art may be edited, reproduced or resold in any form without prior written consent from the artist (Sierra Hamilton)*

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